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The College of Business at Utah Tech is an accredited business program.  We give students the material experience they need to not just arrive but succeed at the next level.  We provide the full spectrum of business education with degrees in Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, and Information Systems & Analytics.  We emphasize curriculum that is relevant, tangible, and significant. We build students that are resourceful, and know how to make things happen. Students graduating from our programs have gone on to successful careers from entrepreneurial start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

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Management, B.S.

The Management bachelor’s degree at Utah Tech University is directed toward students who are seeking a general business degree. This degree would be especially appropriate for students who want to manage small businesses or become entrepreneurs. The degree is also an excellent choice for students wishing to prepare for a Master of Management degree.

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Management - MIS Emphasis, B.S.

The Bachelor of Science in Management – Management Information Systems Emphasis will teach students how to effectively manage people and processes in a wide range of industries.  In addition to the general business skills, they will learn to manage and use technology to strategically improve their organizational efficiency and effectiveness through better decision making.

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Hotel and Resort Management, B. S.

The bachelor of Hotel and Resort Management program is designed to produce graduates who have gained the necessary knowledge to take on leadership roles within various areas of the hospitality industry.

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Hotel and Resort Management, A.S.

The goal of the Associate of Science degree is to equip students with the necessary skills for entry-level positions across various sectors of the hospitality industry, including hotels, resorts, restaurants, and more.

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Hotel and Resort Management, AAS

The Associate of Applied Science degree serves as a degree completion program for Dixie Tech students who have completed the Culinary Arts program and wish to continue their education to the associate level. The core curriculum equips students with necessary knowledge to excel at entry-level positions across the hospitality industry.

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A.A.S. General Technology - Business Emphasis

The Associate of Applied Science of General Technology – Business Emphasis is tailored for students wishing to augment their current career experience with additional academic training.  Typically, 30 hours to transfer credits will be evaluated in a technical specialty in accordance  with approved articulation agreements as outlined in R473.

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Earn a minor in addition to your Bachelor’s Degree by completing approximately 21-24 credits in either of the following subjects:

Economics Minor

Management Minor

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Develop leaders who are distinctively prepared to actively engage with and create value in their communities.

  • Develop Leaders imbued with excellence, possessing a global perspective and a spirit of innovation.
  • Engage students through active learning applied / pedagogical research, meaningful internship experiences or business development opportunities.
  • Create Value within each student across multiple performance dimensions, including; communication skills, technical competence and critical thinking.


At the successful conclusion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Evaluate real world business situations related to the core business functions of accounting, economics, finance, qualitative analysis, information systems, international business, legal and social environments, marketing & management.
  • Analyze real world business situations by identifying relevant business issues, performing appropriate quantitative and qualitative data analysis and synthesis, formulating viable courses of action.
  • Create and deliver professional quality oral presentations and written work products.
  • Analyze real world business situations by identifying relevant ethical issues, evaluating and synthesizing information, and formulating ethical courses of action.
  • Conduct meaningful, personal career research and prepare a plan for advancing their career goals by the end of their Junior year.


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Scott Lindsey

Associate Dean


Phone: 435-879-4338

Office: Hazy 342